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Andrew Smith emertechie

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emertechie / gist:197c87d345500b7cdbba
Last active Jun 18, 2018
Using Cordova/PhoneGap Facebook SDK in an Ionic App
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var module = angular.module('facebook', []);
module.constant('facebookInit', function(facebookAppID) {
var initialized = false;
return function($q) {
if (initialized) {
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Parse.Cloud.beforeSave("TestObject", function(request, response) {
ensureNotStale(request.object, response.error, function() {
// Update is not stale. Add any other code here
console.log('doing some work here with the fresh object');
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], function() {
describe('Quick & Dirty Parse Conflict Test', function() {
var async = new AsyncSpec(this);
var TestObject;
beforeEach(function() {
TestObject = Parse.Object.extend("TestObject");
emertechie / WcfClientWrapper.cs
Last active Dec 19, 2015
WcfClientWrapper. Based on code picked up from Creating gist so I don't have to recreate this everytime I do any WCF :/
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public static class WcfClientWrapper
public static WcfClientWrapper<TClientInterface> Create<TClientInterface>(ChannelFactory<TClientInterface> channelFactory)
return new WcfClientWrapper<TClientInterface>(channelFactory);
public class WcfClientWrapper<TClientInterface> : IDisposable
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