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Last active Nov 2, 2020
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# BUg Doomsday tldr;
#### by @emidln
// 2020Q4 BUG Doomsday
4 Doomsday (DD)
2 Personal Tutor (PT)
1 Thassa's Oracle (TO)
1 Ideas Unbound (IU)
4 Brainstorm (BS)
4 Ponder (PDR)
4 Preordain (PRE)
2 Street Wraith (SW)
1 Edge of Autumn (EoA)
4 Force of Will (FoW)
4 Daze (DZ)
2 Duress (D)
2 Thoughtseize (TS)
4 Dark Ritual (DR)
3 Lotus Petal (LP)
1 Lion's Eye Diamond (LED)
4 Polluted Delta (PD)
4 Misty Rainforest (MR)
3 Underground Sea (US)
1 Tropical Island (TI)
1 Bayou (B)
2 Snow-covered Island (I)
1 Snow-covered Swamp (S)
1 Cavern of Souls (CoS)
SB: 2 Abrupt Decay (AD)
SB: 2 Echoing Truth (ET)
SB: 2 Force of Negation (FoN)
SB: 2 Flusterstorm (F)
SB: 2 Veil of Summer (VoS)
SB: 2 Carpet of Flowers (CoF)
SB: 2 Defense Grid (DG)
SB: 1 Massacre (M)
$cycler = {SW, EoA}
$cantrip = {$cycler, draw step, BS, PDR, PRE}
$anything = whatever you need, prob D/AD/M
$fetch = {PD, MR}
ICSH = in case shit happens
PTT = Pass The Turn
WTT = Win This Turn
# basic piles
UU+$cantrip - [IU, $cycler, TO, CoS/LP, LP] // good PTT or WTT pile without LED to keep up counters
UU+$cantrip+$anything - [IU, $cycler, LED, $anything, TO] // good PTT or WTT to cheaper get discard/removal
U+BS+card - [IU, $cycler, LED, LP, TO] // fallback to UU PTT if BS fails; alt remix to faster/more expensive TO
(BS/$cycler/U)+(BS/$cycler)+card - [(BS/U), $cycler, LED, TO, notused] // I usually make last card PDR/CoS ICSH
$cantrip + $cantrip - [$cycler, $cycler, $cycler, TO, CoS] // no spells, can PTTx2 if you have nothing going for you
$cantrip + $cantrip [$fetch, $fetch, TO, I, I] // useful vs ports/wastes
# Sideboarding
Delver: +2 DG, +2 CoF, -1 SW, -1 PT, -2 PRE
Snow: +2 F, +2 AD, +2 VoS, +2 FoN, -1 SW, -1 PT, -2 DZ, -2 PRE, -1 S, -1 LP
Snow (G3 play): +2 F, +2 AD, +2 VoS, -1 SW, -1 DZ, -3 PRE, -1 S
DnT: +1 M, +2 ET, -2 D, +1 AD, -1 SW, -1 PRE
Oops: +2 ET, +2 FoN, +2 F, +2 VoS, -1 S, -1 LP, -1 EoA , -1 DR, -2 PT, -2 PRE
Elves: +2 FoN, +2 ET/VoS, -2 D, -1 SW, -1 CoS // ET/VoS based on discard vs thorn
Goblins: +2 FoN, +2 ET/VoS, +2 AD, -2 D, -2 TS, -1 SW, -1 PRE // -2 AD, +PRE, +SW if no chalice; VoS based on discard
Omni: +2 FoN, +2 F, +2 VoS, -1 EoA, -2 DZ, -1 LP, -1 S, -1 PRE
TES: +2 FoN, +2 F, +2 ET, -1 LP, -1 S, -1 CoS, -1 PT, -1 EoA, -1 PRE
ANT: +2 FoN, +2 F, +2 VoS, -1 LP, -1 S, -1 CoS, -1 EoA, -2 PRE
# notes
- you're 37% to draw DR+DD in your first 3 hands (mulling to 5)
- Snowko can't usually interact with double cycler pile; just resolve DD
- Mindbreak Trap isn't turned on by basic IU pile if you stack a land and double cantrip pile also avoids
- Duress if you can afford to in the pile without slowing down.
- spare fetches and cantrips can make the pile shorter post-DD
- LED+$cycler is the most mana efficient construct, easy to setup via BS
- resist over-boarding vs Delver; spending mana on the DD turn gets punished by their Pierces/Dazes
- cycle ASAP unless you are winning immediately
- PT t1 over PDR/PRE if you have the 2nd land; PDR/PRE for DR gives upside of t2 DD w/t3 DD on miss; always t3 the other way
- DD is a mass tutor! piles aren't set in stone! piles presented so you have an idea of what's most efficient
- usually assume 2x countermagic post-board vs blue; especially vs soup/Snowko. delver is time-sensitive and has pressure, but Snowko just loses to DD
- resist gratuitously siding out Daze on the draw. You have LP and DR, and Daze punishes 2-3cmc spells hard
- consider holding discard until nearer the combo turn; discarding cards makes brainstorm worse and their cantrips better
- along these lines, conserve cards in hand. the cards don't matter, but the count does, especially vs aggro. forces have real costs, so save them for stuff that actually stops you from winning or stuff that kills you soon (like crop rotate with a depths piece out or lackey)
- sometimes they'll have mage g1; shrug it off; it sucks but it's not worth contorting into red just for esper vial
- See and the Legacy Doomsday Discord ( ) for more details
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