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emildimitrov / config.module.ts
Last active January 22, 2023 19:12
Best nestjs config approach
import { Global, Module } from '@nestjs/common';
import { ConfigService } from './config.service';
providers: [ConfigService],
exports: [ConfigService],
export class ConfigModule {}
emildimitrov /
Created September 18, 2022 17:20
Arch linux install guide

Arch linux install guide

Easy arch linux setup for folks who want to keep it simple.


  • UEFI firmware laptop/PC. This guid does not cover BIOS specific installation.
  • Internet connection. If you use cable make sure its plugged.
  • Flash drive.
emildimitrov /
Created September 18, 2022 17:17
Dotfiles bare repo setup

Dotfiles with bare git repository

Why bare repository

Traditional dotfiles management is relying on keeping you repository in sync with the OS dotfiles via symlinks which is not ideal. Bare repo is solving that, because it enables us to keep the tracked files (working tree) separate from the internals (.git folder) In our case the working tree will be $HOME and the internals will be in $HOME/projects/dotfiles.git


Add in your shell config the following

emildimitrov /
Last active September 18, 2022 15:48
Using GPG for GitHub authentication and commit signing

Using GPG for github ssh and commit signing

Generate master key

Master key will be used only for certification - signing certfiicates for subkeys. Sign, Encrypt, Authenticate will be delegated to subkey/s.

Run gpg --expert --full-generate-key

  • Choose RSA (set your own capabilities)
emildimitrov / cloudSettings
Last active June 4, 2020 13:54
vs code config
emildimitrov /
Last active September 18, 2022 17:52
Creating microservice readme


CircleCI Coverage Status

The idea for those badges is that the dev can quickly see the status of the tests & their coverage