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Last active Nov 14, 2015
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import requests
def get_ixp_info():
## ccix contains country code with lists of IXP peering LANs
ccix = {}
## contains useful info on peering lans, indexed by peeringdb ix_id
ix2lans = {}
r_ixlan = requests.get("")
j_ixlan = r_ixlan.json()
for ixlan in j_ixlan['data']:
ix_id = ixlan['ix_id']
#pfx_set = ixlan['prefix_set']
pfx_set = ixlan['ixpfx_set']
peeringlans = []
if len( pfx_set ) == 0:
for pe in pfx_set:
if 'prefix' in pe:
peeringlans.append( pe['prefix'] )
if not ix_id in ix2lans:
ix2lans[ ix_id ] = []
ix2lans[ ix_id ].append({
'name': ixlan['name'],
'desc': ixlan['descr'],
'peeringlans': peeringlans
r_ix = requests.get("")
j_ix = r_ix.json()
for ix in j_ix['data']:
ix_id = ix['id']
if not ix_id in ix2lans:
icountry = ix['country']
icity = ix['city']
iname = ix['name']
if not icountry in ccix:
ccix[ icountry ] = []
# beware of name colisions @@TODO
ixlan_name = iname
for ixlan_info in ix2lans[ ix_id ]:
if ixlan_info['name']:
ixlan_name += "-%s" % ifxlan_info['name']
elif ixlan_info['desc']:
ixlan_name += "-%s" % ifxlan_info['name']
ccix[ icountry ].append({
'name': ixlan_name,
'peeringlans': ixlan_info['peeringlans']
return ccix
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