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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import json
import urllib2
from collections import Counter
url = ""
tc = Counter() # tag counter
tcu = Counter() # tag counter for probes that are up
while url:
t = urllib2.urlopen( url )
j = json.load( t )
url = j['next']
if url:
print >>sys.stderr, "next url: %s" % ( url )
for pr in j['results']:
for tag in pr['tags']:
tc[ tag['slug'] ] += 1
if pr['status']['id'] == 1:
tcu[ tag['slug'] ] += 1
print "something went wrong"
print "#count\tup_count\ttag"
for tag,count in tc.most_common():
up_count = 0
if tag in tcu:
up_count = tcu[tag]
print "{}\t{}\t{}".format( count, up_count, tag )
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