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let barposition = "bottom"
set noautofocus "The opposite of autofocus; this setting stops sites from focusing on an input box when they load
set typelinkhints
let locale = "uk"
let hintcharacters = "arstenio"
let completionengines = ["google", "bing"]
let searchalias g = "google" "Create a shortcut for search engines. For example, typing ':tabnew g example' would act the same way as ':tabnew google example'
let mapleader = ","
unmap e
unmap d
map ee nextTab
map en previousTab
unmap <C-u>
map <C-u> scrollPageUp
map <C-d> scrollPageDown
map d closeTab
iunmap <C-w>
imap <C-w> deleteWord
imap <C-h> deleteBackwardChar
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