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Template of RFCs


Problem description

We must explain the problem clearly and identify additional details that the team needs to know. We must here describe the context, what we did so far, and the current state.

The description also serves as a trail that we can go back to in the future to understand the reasoning we had at the time and see what restrictions and requirements have changed.

Possible approaches

In this section, we should write two or three possible approaches that we have considered. We must evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of each solution. We also explain what is not feasible and what is the fastest to implement.

Option 1



Option 2




In the concluding section, we explain which of the solutions we think is the best option. When necessary, we can describe steps for the different iterations of the solution.

Unsolved issues

If any part of the problem will remain open - whether it is technical or not - we must put it here.

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