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Last active September 8, 2022 23:37
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const TIMEOUT = 30 * time.Second
//Start a new http server with graceful shutdown and default parameters
func Start(l *logger.Logger, port string, handler http.Handler, options ...ServerOption) error {
srv := &http.Server{
ReadTimeout: TIMEOUT,
WriteTimeout: TIMEOUT,
Addr: ":" + port,
Handler: handler,
//detalhes ocultos para este exemplo
//WithReadTimeout configure http.Server parameter ReadTimeout
func WithReadTimeout(t time.Duration) ServerOption {
return func(srv *http.Server) {
srv.ReadTimeout = t
//WithWriteTimeout configure http.Server parameter WriteTimeout
func WithWriteTimeout(t time.Duration) ServerOption {
return func(srv *http.Server) {
srv.WriteTimeout = t
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