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Created December 22, 2022 10:32
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<?php include 'header.php'; ?>
<div class="container">
<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-6 offset-md-3 mt-4 shadow">
<form method="POST" class="bg-white p-5" action="form.php">
<h2>PROVE! YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT!!</h2><hr>
<strong class="alert alert-danger text-muted pt-2">
Type the text in the image to prove
you are not a robot
<img style="display: block; margin: 10%;" src="captcha.php" alt="image verification" />
<input type="text" id="captchha" name="captcha" size="20" maxlength="6" class="form-control m-1">
<input type="submit" value="Submit" class="btn btn-success col-12 m-1">
/*if captcha code is posted*/
if($_SESSION["captcha"]==strtolower($_POST["captcha"])):/*CAPTCHA is valid. You can process the form now.*/?>
<p class="text-success"> CAPTCHA is valid. You can process the form now.</p>
<?php else: /*Invalid CAPTCHA*/ ?>
<p class="text-danger">Invalid <strong>CAPTCHA.</strong> Pls Try again!</p>
<?php endif; ?>
Can't read the image? Click
<a style="text-decoration: none" href='<?= $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>'>
<i class="fa fa-sync"></i>
to refresh!
<?php include 'footer.php'; ?>
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