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eZ Summer Camp 2012 / How to install & configure bsoad for VMs
How to install Bsoad by Qafoo to test out the REST API v2
The process to download bsoad and all dependencies is listed below.
1) cd /var/www/
2) git clone git://
3) cd bsoad
4) curl -s | php
5) php composer.phar install
6) cd src/library/qafoo/bdog
7) sudo apt-get install npm
8) npm install
9) git submodule init
10) git submodule update
bsoad will not work by default to track the REST API v2 communication, so you need to do some config changes.
1) Edit the file /var/www/bsoad/src/library/qafoo/bdog/src/Writer/ and on line 20, replace "localhost"
with ""
2) Go to the folder /var/www/bsoad/src/library/qafoo/bdog/src/Writer/HttpServer/public/scripts/ and execute the following:
unlink q.min.js
ln -s ../../../../../node_modules/q/q.js q.min.js
To run bsoad, you need to run tcpdump as superuser, so do the following:
1) cd /var/www/bsoad
2) sudo su
3) apt-get install tcpdump
4) tcpdump -l -i lo -s0 'tcp and port 8042' -w - | src/bin/bsoad | src/bin/bsoad-bdog
This will startup tcpdump and dump packets from REST server communication to bsoad.
It will also run a web server on IP address and randomly generated port which will be displayed in the output
Finally, open on your HOST machine to get to the web interface and run the REST API examples
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