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What would you like to do? 010 Editor Binary template
//--- 010 Editor v3.2.2 Binary Template
// File:
// Author: Eric Monti
// Revision: 0.0.1
// Purpose: Parses Mac/iOS dyld_shared_cache format
typedef struct {
char magic[16];
uint32 mappingOffset;
uint32 mappingCount;
uint32 imagesOffset;
uint32 imagesCount;
uint64 dyldBaseAddress;
} dyld_cache_header;
typedef struct {
uint64 address;
uint64 size;
uint64 file_offset;
uint32 max_prot;
uint32 init_prot;
} shared_file_mapping_np;
typedef struct {
uint64 address;
uint64 modTime;
uint64 inode;
uint32 pathFileOffset;
uint32 pad;
} dyld_cache_image_info;
dyld_cache_header header;
shared_file_mapping_np shared_file_map[header.mappingCount];
dyld_cache_image_info images[header.imagesCount];
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