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quick/dirty tool to extract embeded gzip files out of the evasi0n7 jailbreak binary -- requires otool so probably OSX
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
fname = ARGV.shift
fname || exit!
sections = `otool -l \"#{fname}\" |grep -A11 ^Section`.split(/^--$/).map do |sect_txt|
lines =
Hash[{|ln| ln.strip.split(' ', 2) } ]{|sect| sect["segname"] == "__DATA" and sect["sectname"] =~ /^data_\d+$/ }
dats = do |sect|
name: sect["sectname"],
fileoffset: sect["offset"].to_i,
size: sect["size"].hex,
f =, "r")
dats.each do |dat|
f.pos = dat[:fileoffset][:name] + ".gz", 'w'){|o| o.write([:size])) }

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emonti commented Jan 10, 2014

FWIW: TaiG was data_10.gz inside the version I used this on...


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enzocaggiano commented Jan 10, 2014

how to use?

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