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Tunnelbroker config for UniFi Security Gateway

UniFi Tunnelbroker Configuration

This GitHub Gist details the manual configuration needed on a UniFi controller to enable IPv6 tunneling with Hurricane Electric's Tunnelbroker service.


This is what works for me personally. Stuff you'll need to do to adapt this to your ends:

  • Replace "local-ip" with your USG's public IPv4 address.
  • Replace "remote-ip" with the address of your Tunnelbroker tunnel server.
  • Replace "address" with the IPv6 address that your are allocated.


Follow these instructions and drop your config.gateway.json file in the correct location eg. /usr/lib/unifi/data/sites/$NAME/.

"interfaces": {
"tunnel": {
"tun0": {
"address": [
"description": "Tunnelbroker IPv6 Tunnel",
"encapsulation": "sit",
"firewall": {
"in": {
"ipv6-name": "WANv6_IN"
"local": {
"ipv6-name": "WANv6_LOCAL"
"out": {
"ipv6-name": "WANv6_OUT"
"multicast": "disable",
"ttl": "255"
"protocols": {
"static": {
"interface-route6": {
"::/0": {
"next-hop-interface": {
"tun0": "''"
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