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emory / Ueshiba in the Morning
Last active May 17, 2024 21:05
asked AI about morning rituals of O'Sensei
After creating Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba (often referred to as O-Sensei, or 'Great Teacher') was known for his stringent and disciplined daily routine, which heavily emphasized both physical and spiritual practices. His morning routine, although not detailed to the minute, typically included:
1. **Misogi** - A Shinto purification ritual that sometimes involved standing under a cold waterfall or engaging in deep breathing exercises. This was meant to purify the body and spirit.
2. **Prayer and Meditation** - Ueshiba dedicated time every morning to prayer and meditation, focusing on harmonizing his spirit with the universe, which was a core philosophy in Aikido.
3. **Aikido Training** - He practiced Aikido rigorously every morning. His training was not just a physical exercise but also a form of moving meditation and a way to further understand and develop the principles of Aikido.
4. **Farming and Gardening** - Ueshiba also spent time working on his farm. He believed in the value of hard, physical work and s

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emory / 20231203131213-vt-scanning-homebrew-packages
Created December 3, 2023 19:17
using virustotal API via `vt` to analyze homebrew macOS binaries
# cached packages
homebrew for macOS caches in `~/Library/Caches/Homeberw` and i figure the pkcs11 tooling i use being compromised would be a huge problem for me and everyone else using it?
% ls -la p11-kit*
lrwxr-xr-x 1 rlundb811 staff 118 Nov 20 11:23 p11-kit--0.25.3 -> downloads/1f29fbea9391e33f2bcc01c320d960dc11721363dd6fe42aafcef6dd194f2e05--p11-kit--0.25.3.arm64_sonoma.bottle.tar.gz
lrwxr-xr-x 1 rlundb811 staff 111 Oct 30 13:22 p11-kit_bottle_manifest--0.25.1 -> downloads/ad55f3d64397404e6a67b1f9518d6863ab14da4b812a227ba3cce37449c7c90c--p11-kit-0.25.1.bottle_manifest.json
lrwxr-xr-x 1 rlundb811 staff 111 Nov 20 11:23 p11-kit_bottle_manifest--0.25.3 -> downloads/cc547bf2f72da03680090015f5b720aff280ce33de9c33783a69c24fe97a4246--p11-kit-0.25.3.bottle_manifest.json
emory / Brewfile@ICON (creative workstation)
Created April 30, 2023 20:19
The Brewfile for my intel macOS workstation used for Lightroom, Obsidian, iMovie, Fission, DEVONthink, etc. Not employer-provided.
tap "archivebox/archivebox"
tap "homebrew/bundle"
tap "homebrew/cask"
tap "homebrew/cask-drivers"
tap "homebrew/cask-versions"
tap "homebrew/core"
tap "homebrew/services"
tap "mysticlgbt/made"
tap "xwmx/taps"
brew "ack"
emory / disable_discimage.reg
Created April 9, 2023 20:44 — forked from wdormann/disable_discimage.reg
Disable Windows Explorer file associations for Disc Image Mount (ISO, IMG, VHD, VHDX)
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
emory / 20230309172716-debut-nvme-smart
Created March 9, 2023 23:27
the m2 read cache in a synology filer is "critical" but still appears to be functioning
emory@debut:/volume1/docker$ sudo nvme smart-log /dev/nvme0
Smart Log for NVME device:nvme0 namespace-id:ffffffff
critical_warning : 0x4
temperature : 18 C
available_spare : 100%
available_spare_threshold : 10%
percentage_used : 104%
data_units_read : 1,097,736,246
data_units_written : 526,487,556
host_read_commands : 32,712,112,528
emory /
Last active January 11, 2023 14:38
Assessments of's `DirectHW`

BitDefender is really concerned about the DirectHW binary in

so I passed it along to virusTotal and this is the current analysis of my DirectHW binary,

MD5 (./DirectHW) = 66b3fd953675de8906dff4f69a89fb4c

emory@ICON ~ % vt analysis NjZiM2ZkOTUzNjc1ZGU4OTA2ZGZmNGY2OWE4OWZiNGM6MTY3MzQ0NTg5Nw== | grep malicious -B1 -A5
      category: "malicious"
emory / ch.kvet.iow.claptrap.synergys.plist
Created January 6, 2023 00:30
launch agent plist for synergy when i'm working from IOW
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
emory / 20211104083717-icon-kernelpanic-mbuf
Created November 4, 2021 13:38
this happens every morning, only things running would be either time machine or Arq backups
panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff80058c5b68): m_free: freeing an already freed mbuf @uipc_mbuf.c:4817
Panicked task 0xffffff85a63f96a0: 580 threads: pid 0: kernel_task
Backtrace (CPU 0), panicked thread: 0xffffff85abcbb580, Frame : Return Address
0xffffffd14675ba60 : 0xffffff800529c00d
0xffffffd14675bab0 : 0xffffff80053f5d85
0xffffffd14675baf0 : 0xffffff80053e5763
0xffffffd14675bb40 : 0xffffff800523ba60
0xffffffd14675bb60 : 0xffffff800529c3dd
0xffffffd14675bc80 : 0xffffff800529bb96
0xffffffd14675bce0 : 0xffffff8005b18649
emory / 20211026072522-Stibium benchmarks NVME OpenZFS on macOS pool.txt
Created October 26, 2021 12:26
20211026072522-Stibium benchmarks NVME OpenZFS on macOS pool
Read (noncache) = 160
Average = 827.9 MB/s
20% trimmed mean = 833.1 MB/s (466.6 MB/s - 1.08 GB/s)
Theil-Sen regressed rate = 754.7 MB/s (603.2 MB/s - 1.17 GB/s)
Linear regressed rate = 708.3 MB/s latency = -0.021377247120773823 s
Write = 16
Average = 2.51 GB/s
20% trimmed mean = 2.51 GB/s (1.05 GB/s - 4.02 GB/s)
Theil-Sen regressed rate = 3.62 GB/s (1.35 GB/s - 6.62 GB/s)