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Just a snippet of code to demonstrate the solution to people who arrive here and are still scratching their heads:
import flickr_api
flickr_api.set_keys(api_key = 'my_api_key', api_secret = 'my_secret')
a = flickr_api.auth.AuthHandler()
url = a.get_authorization_url("read")
print url
verifier = raw_input("Verifier code: ")
Run the code.
Paste the displayed URL into a browser and accept the permission request.
Copy the oauth_verifier field and paste it into the terminal at the "Verifier code: " prompt.
This should result in the creation of the flickr_credentials.dat credential file which can be used like this:
import flickr_api
flickr_api.set_keys(api_key = 'my_api_key', api_secret = 'my_secret')
user = flickr_api.test.login()
print user.getPhotosets()
Hope this helps.

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empireshades commented Sep 21, 2018

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