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Evaluating Algebraic expression with Python
#Written by Evan Weinberg
#Welcome to your first session of playing with the Python programming language!
#Today's we will be using it to evaluate expressions for us.
#These lines answer the warm-up questions from today. Use these as examples of how
#to enter calculations in Python.
print "Answers to the Warm-Up Questions:"
print (8*3 - 2*4)
print (27 + 18/9 - 3**2+1)
print (40 + 24)/8 - (2**3+1)
#The lines below set variables x and y. In problems 1 (a),(b), and (c), I started typing
#each expression, but you need to complete them to be the same as the problems from the
x = 4
y = -2
print "These are the evaluated expressions for Problem 1."
print (x+y)*1./x
print 3*x
print x
print "Below are the evaluated expressions for Problem 2 that you typed in yourself. "
print "Are they correct? Do they match your hand calculations?"
#Enter your variables and your expressions for 2 (a), (b), and (c) in the space below.
#Remember to print out the values like was done in the program above!
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