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A random group generator with differently sized groups.
import random
robotics_students = ['shane', 'kevin', 'spencer', 'sam', 'thomas', 'alex', 'minxiu', 'jun hao', 'paul']
geo_students = ['maddie', 'elena', 'roosa', 'suki', 'patricia', 'ali', 'alex', 'jun hao', 'shane', 'tian', 'sho M', 'sho C', 'nick', 'annie', 'minji', 'kimmy', 'shannon', 'kevin', 'sam']
aa_students = ['flo','eigo','jake', 'sam','jane', 'jessie', 'emilly', 'maiti', 'brandon', 'min-xiu', 'paul', 'thomas']
CTF = ['nikita','cherry','jenny','miyu','flaminia','srishti','amy','celine','amelia','esther','maddie']
CTM = ['thomas','rahul','jakob','isaac','tama','ian','aman']
class_name = aa_students
parameters = [0,8,1]
#This will generate randomized groups from a list of names. The input list called parameters consists of
#numbers to indicate how many groups of each size should be created. [0,8,1] will result in no students in
#individual groups, 8 pairs of students, and 1 group of 3.
def get_groups(names,parameters):
total = 0
i = 0
output = []
for item in parameters:
i = i + 1
total = total + i*parameters[i-1]
if (total!=len(names)):
print 'Parameters not set correctly'
i = 0
curr_index = 0
num = 1
for item in parameters:
if (item!=0):
for i in range(0,item):
temp_group = names[0:num]
num +=1
for group in output:
print group
#for students in class_name:
# print students
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