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  • AfterData
    • Association on Data and its approaches in the technological world with a focus on organizing monthly meetings and sharing digital knowledge.
  • Desafio do Código
    • Platform for teaching "Digital Literacy" without a specific age focus and free of charge, also offering consultancy to interested schools/companies.

Projects/Sample Codes

  • Eufraim BIT
    • CREA-PR Hackathon 2019 winning project that demonstrates the use of Python for Scraping with a simple user interface for decision making based on the results obtained.
  • TreeCity
    • Nasa Space Apps 2018 winning project demonstrates the use of Python with Django in a quick Deploy on Heroku, with some initial model configurations.
  • Python Linear Prog
    • Resolution of Linear Programming exercises with Python, quickly and effectively.
  • Como Vacinas Causam Austimo
    • Project inspired to disseminate information through "fake-news", the project demonstrates the use and customization of a blog with Ruby using Jekyll.
  • Download UniCesumar
    • Script development to facilitate and automate the access of UniCesumar, institution materials via Studeo. This script demonstrates the use of Selenium for WebScraping and Automation.
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