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Experimental Wolfram Alpha Plugin based on billius's original gist
simple "ask" function for wolfram alpha data
* pip3 install wolframalpha
* get API KEY from
* put API KEY in config.json:wolframalpha-apikey
import wolframalpha
_internal = {}
def _initialise(Handlers, bot):
apikey = bot.get_config_option("wolframalpha-apikey")
if apikey:
_internal["client"] = wolframalpha.Client(apikey)
print("WOLFRAMALPHA: config.wolframalpha-apikey required")
return []
def ask(bot, event, *args):
"""request data from wolfram alpha"""
keyword = ' '.join(args)
res = _internal["client"].query(keyword)
html = '<b>"{}"</b><br /><br />'.format(keyword)
has_content = False
for pod in res.pods:
if pod.title:
html += "<b>{}:</b> ".format(pod.title)
if pod.text:
html += pod.text.strip().replace("\n", "<br />") + "<br />"
has_content = True
for node in pod.node.iter():
if node.tag == "img":
html += '<a href="' + node.attrib["src"] + '">' + node.attrib["src"] + "</a><br />"
has_content = True
if not has_content:
html = "<i>Wolfram Alpha did not return any useful data</i>"
bot.send_html_to_conversation(event.conv, html)
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