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Conversation Tools: Public Channels (Proof of Concept)
import hangups
import plugins
def _initialise(bot):
def public(bot, event, *args):
"""list all available public channels when called without any parameters.
to join a channel, call this command with the desired channel number"""
channel_list =_get_public_channels(bot, event)
if len(args) == 0:
if len(channel_list) > 0:
lines = ["<b>Public channels:</b>"]
for i, meta in enumerate(channel_list):
lines.append("{}. {}".format(i + 1, meta[1]))
lines.append("<em>To add yourself to a channel, reply with <b>{} public (channel number)</b></em>".format(bot._handlers.bot_command[0]))
message = '<br />'.join(lines)
message = "<i>no public channels available</i>"
bot.send_html_to_conversation(event.conv.id_, message)
channels = []
addto = list(set(args))
for number in addto:
channels.append(channel_list[int(number) - 1])
except (IndexError, ValueError) as e:
bot.send_html_to_conversation(event.conv.id_, "<em>channel {} does not exist</em>".format(number))
added = []
failed = []
for _cid, _cname in channels:
yield from bot._client.adduser(_cid, [event.user.id_.chat_id])
except hangups.exceptions.NetworkError:
lines = []
if added:
lines.append("You have been added to: {}".format(", ".join(added)))
if failed:
lines.append("Could not add you to: {} - you may have already been added before".format(", ".join(failed)))
message = "; ".join(lines)
bot.send_html_to_conversation(event.conv.id_, "<em>{}</em>".format(message))
def _get_public_channels(bot, event):
"""separated to allow different methods to retrieve a list of public channels, which might be
dependent on user filtering, context, etc"""
channel_list = []
public_channels = bot.get_config_suboption(event.conv.id_, 'public_channels')
if isinstance(public_channels, dict) and len(public_channels) > 0:
for _cid, _ctitle in public_channels.items():
channel_list.append([_cid, _ctitle])
return channel_list
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