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Created Feb 15, 2017

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subverting imported libraries
# in the bot, this represents the new hangups library
this_is_a_constant = 'ABCD'
def print_constant():
# in the bot, this represents the plugin
import test_a
# in the bot, this file is the plugin loader
import test_b # plugin is loaded
import test_d # we replace the test_a module inside the plugin with this in EXAMPLE 2
# EXAMPLE 1: replace constant
# setattr(test_b.test_a, 'this_is_a_constant', 'no longer constant');
# EXAMPLE 2: replace module
# setattr(test_b, 'test_a', test_d) # replaces module with another one
# in example 1, this prints 'no longer constant'
# in example 2, this prints '3.142'
# in the bot, this replaces new hangups ( with the compatibility layer
def print_constant():
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