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Last active Jul 29, 2018
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Linked List in Swift
/// A list is either empty or it is composed of a first element (head)
/// and a tail, which is a list itself.
/// See
class List<T> {
var value: T
var nextItem: List<T>?
convenience init?(_ values: T...) {
init?(_ values: [T]) {
guard let first = values.first else {
return nil
value = first
nextItem = List(Array(values.suffix(from: 1)))
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scott-lydon commented Feb 4, 2018

(Swift 4 warning for line 9) Parameters may not have the 'var' specifier. I like your 99 problems website btw.

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eneko commented Feb 19, 2018

Hey Scott, thank you for your feedback. It is updated to Swift 4 now.

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