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Last active Sep 22, 2022
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XSS vulnerability in Razor

XSS vulnerability in Razor project version 0.8.0

The path of the vulnerability.

In file

//line 98
function uploadchannel()
        $platform = $_POST['platform'];
        $channel = $this->channel->getchanbyplat($platform);
        echo json_encode($channel);

In file razor/web/application/models/channelmodel.php

 function getchanbyplat($platform) 
//line 421
function getchanbyplat($platform)
        $sql="select * from  ".$this->db->dbprefix('channel')."  where active=1 and platform='$platform' and type='system' union 
        select * from  ".$this->db->dbprefix('channel')."  where active=1 and platform='$platform' and type='user'and user_id=$userid"; 
        $query = $this->db->query($sql);
        if ($query!=null&&$query->num_rows()>0) {
                return $query->result_array();
          return null; 

We can see that the $platform variable is used inside the the sql query without sanitization. So the attacker can use the UNION command inside the platform to join a harmful input to the results of the query. For example: $platform = 'something' UNION select '<script>alert(document.cookie)<\script>' AS '.

Thus the XSS will happen at echo json_encode($channel);

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