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interface IActionProductName { productName: string; }
interface IActionProductVersion { productVersion string; }
const requestUpdateProductVersion = createAction<interfaces.IActionProductName & interfaces.IActionProductVersion, void>(types.REQUEST_UPDATE_PRODUCT_VERSION,
    (productName: string, productVersion: string) => ({productName, productVersion}),
const receiveUpdateProductVersion = createAction<interfaces.IActionProductName & interfaces.IActionProductVersion, interfaces.IMetaIsXhrError>(types.RECEIVE_UPDATE_PRODUCT_VERSION,
    (productName: string, productVersion: string) => ({productName, productVersion}),
[types.RECEIVE_UPDATE_PRODUCT_VERSION]: (state: ICaseDetailsState, action: ActionMeta<interfaces.IActionProductName & interfaces.IActionProductName, interfaces.IMetaIsXhrError>): ICaseDetailsState => {
    // ...
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