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Created October 29, 2017 13:35
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public class AttachmentRendertask : Services.RenderTasks.RenderTask
string _attachmentPath = String.Empty;
public override void ProcessPreRender(RenderResult renderResult, RenderTaskParameters parameters)
// This method is executed when the scheduled jobs web request is still running. This means that the UmbracoContext, ApplicationContext etc can still be used.
// Let's save the path to the attachment media file here.
// Check if this newsletter is connected to a content node (if the ContenNodeId-property has a value the letter is created from that node in the content section).
if (parameters.Newsletter.ContentNodeId.HasValue && parameters.Newsletter.ContentNodeId.Value > 0)
// Get this node as a IPublishedContent-object
var helper = new UmbracoHelper(UmbracoContext.Current);
var node = helper.TypedContent(parameters.Newsletter.ContentNodeId);
// Check that there is an attachment-property defined (this could be any name of the property, attachement is just an example).
if (!node.HasProperty("attachment") || node.GetPropertyValue<int>("attachment") <= 0)
var attachmentMediaId = node.GetPropertyValue<int>("attachment");
var property = helper.TypedMedia(attachmentMediaId);
_attachmentPath = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(property.GetPropertyValue<string>("umbracoFile"));
public override void ProcessUniqueItem(RenderResult renderResult, RenderTaskUniqueItemParameters parameters)
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(_attachmentPath))
// add new attachment to the e-mail;
parameters.MailMessage.Attachments.Add(new Attachment(_attachmentPath));
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pedroadaodev commented Nov 18, 2019

Thanks for this render task,

Can you please add a comment in the beging of the file?

This is only possible if the newsletter is configured under the Content section in Umbraco
Enable this RenderTask by adding a new configuration on newsletterStudio.config under emailRenderingTasks
See more information on how to configure and enable RenderTasks
This will only work when send-it to a subscription list. Not available for testing.

I was missing this configuration

Best regards,

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Thanks for the feedback! I've updated the support article with some more details on this. Hope this make it more clear. All the best!

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