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Tritonserver tritonserver:23.02-py3 flags
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since this is nowhere to be found...
== Triton Inference Server ==
NVIDIA Release 23.02 (build 53616260)
Triton Server Version 2.31.0
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Last active December 8, 2022 23:13
Configure and install raspotify

Configure Raspberry and Install Raspotify

1) Get Raspberry Pi OS Lite

  • Release date: September 22nd 2022
  • System: 32-bit
  • Kernel version: 5.15
  • Debian version: 11 (bullseye)
  • Size: 338MB
  • Linux pi 5.15.61-v7+ #1579 SMP Fri Aug 26 11:10:59 BST 2022 armv7l
enricorotundo / bacalhau-libp2p-tracer.json
Created October 26, 2022 12:02
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"type": 9,
"peerID": "EiDRDl8/gd6FYgoIwxUSC4cGtYfvCE6qycIk7L59fgMs/w==",
"timestamp": 1666772852236502000,
"join": {
"topic": "bacalhau-job-event"

Fix Docker issues

yum install -y yum-utils
yum install -y dnf
yum-config-manager \
    --add-repo \
yum update
dnf install docker-ce docker-ce-cli
enricorotundo /
Last active September 15, 2022 14:11



Using CentOS Stream release 9. I tried using Red Hat enterprise linux version 7,8,9 but there's a blocking issue with Google Cloud infra at the moment that prevents any yum install (opened a support ticket with them...).

sudo yum update
sudo yum -y install git
git clone
enricorotundo / foo_data.txt
Created July 21, 2022 14:02
foo txtt dataset
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Created March 4, 2022 15:54
AWS EC2 notes
alias ll='ls -alF'

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Last active June 24, 2019 09:39
Pymongo connection with a pinch of flavour
import os
import urllib
from pymongo import MongoClient
def get_conn_string() -> str:
conn_string = "mongodb://{}:{}@{}/{}".format(
urllib.parse.quote(os.getenv("DB_PWD")), # escapes invalid chars
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Last active October 15, 2018 13:28
Export a checkpointed object_detection model for serving with TensorFlow Serving (works with Tensorflow 1.10)
Run this with
cd research/object_detection
python --input_type encoded_image_string_tensor --pipeline_config_path samples/configs/ssd_mobilenet_v1_coco.config --trained_checkpoint_prefix ssd_mobilenet_v1_coco_2017_11_17/model.ckpt --output_directory /Users/erotundo/HAL24K/Projects/dockerfiles-tf-serving/ssd_mobilenet_v1_coco/models
Make sure you add object_detection in PYTHONPATH
Credits to original gist by @dnlglsn:
enricorotundo /
Created September 14, 2018 08:56
Run JupyterLab, token authentication off
#!/usr/bin/env bash
jupyter lab --ip=* --port=8888 --no-browser --notebook-dir=$HOME --allow-root --NotebookApp.token=''