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Created December 6, 2022 18:50
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docker run --name spicedb -p 50051:50051 --rm authzed/spicedb -- serve --help
A database that stores, computes, and validates application permissions
spicedb [command]
No TLS and in-memory:
spicedb serve --grpc-preshared-key "somerandomkeyhere"
TLS and a real datastore:
spicedb serve --grpc-preshared-key "realkeyhere" --grpc-tls-cert-path path/to/tls/cert --grpc-tls-key-path path/to/tls/key \
--http-tls-cert-path path/to/tls/cert --http-tls-key-path path/to/tls/key \
--datastore-engine postgres --datastore-conn-uri "postgres-connection-string-here"
Available Commands:
completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
head compute the head database migration revision
help Help about any command
migrate execute datastore schema migrations
serve serve the permissions database
serve-devtools runs the developer tools service
serve-testing test server with an in-memory datastore
version displays the version of SpiceDB
-h, --help help for spicedb
--log-format string format of logs ("auto", "console", "json") (default "auto")
--log-level string verbosity of logging ("trace", "debug", "info", "warn", "error") (default "info")
--otel-endpoint string OpenTelemetry collector endpoint - the endpoint can also be set by using enviroment variables
--otel-insecure connect to the OpenTelemetry collector in plaintext
--otel-provider string OpenTelemetry provider for tracing ("none", "otlphttp", "otlpgrpc") (default "none")
--otel-service-name string service name for trace data (default "spicedb")
--otel-trace-propagator string OpenTelemetry trace propagation format ("b3", "w3c", "ottrace"). Add multiple propagators separated by comma. (default "w3c")
--skip-release-check if true, skips checking for new SpiceDB releases
Use "spicedb [command] --help" for more information about a command.
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