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Visualization using Javascript on Github

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Data visualization in one of three most important steps in data mining ( Often times, it's impossible to understand data without proper visualization. I went looking for great tools to do that.

Two website list recent JS visualization frameworks:

Most of them are available on Github. My three favorite:

And other, also very nice:

Not exactly for data visualization but something that can be used to do it or enhance to ones above:

There are a few JS framework that specialize in timeline visualization:

But what strikes me the most is that we don't have great timeline visualization. At least nothing that could compare with beauty of D3 or Raphael. Can't we do better than Gantt charts or time-series? I think there is a lot of room for improvement in this area. Designers and UX specialist, please help!

It's already couple months since Google released visitor flow visualization. So far I haven't seen anyone tried to duplicate this as open source project. Please email me if you will find something similar to this:

As usual HN came to the rescue. Graphs similar to the one above are called alluvial diagrams or sankey diagrams. Here is open source project that implements this idea:

Thanks for this list!

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