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Spending most of my time on GitLab now.

Matias Meno enyo

Spending most of my time on GitLab now.
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import 'dart:async';
Future foo() async {
print('foo() before delay');
await Future.delayed(Duration(milliseconds: 100));
print('foo() after delay');
void main() async {
enyo /
Created May 27, 2015
Provides a list of commits in all given folders
#!/bin/bash [0/0]
repos=(api webserver dashboard paywall utils services)
for repo in ${repos[*]}
cd $repo
git log --since=am --pretty="format:%Cgreen$repo%Creset/%s (%Cred%h%Creset)%+b" --no-merges
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<span>Eine column</span>
<input type="text">
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Ganz brandfrisch!

Fanfiction #4:


“Sookie und Bill haben Beziehungs-Clinche und reden ein wenig aneinander vorbei.”
Tragisches Stück in nur einem Akt.

[Bill sitzt im Flur auf der Treppe und starrt gebannt, müde und genervt in Richtung Eingangstür. Er ist sichtlich wegen etwas unruhig. Die Tür öffnet sich. Auftritt Sookie]

View example-service.dart
/// Generated file. Do not edit.
library generated_userService;
import "dart:async";
import "package:remote_services/client/client.dart";
import "proto/messages.dart";
class UserService extends Service {
View jquery-dropzone.js
// Get the template HTML and remove it from the doumenthe template HTML and remove it from the doument
var previewNode = document.querySelector("#template"); = "";
var previewTemplate = previewNode.parentNode.innerHTML;
var myDropzone = new Dropzone(document.body, { // Make the whole body a dropzone
url: "/target-url", // Set the url
thumbnailWidth: 80,
thumbnailHeight: 80,
View jquery-dropzone.html
<!-- HTML heavily inspired by -->
<div class="table table-striped" class="files" id="previews">
<div id="template" class="file-row">
<!-- This is used as the file preview template -->
<span class="preview"><img data-dz-thumbnail /></span>
<p class="name" data-dz-name></p>
View tmux_cheatsheet.markdown

tmux cheatsheet

As configured in my dotfiles.

start new:


start new with session name:

enyo / package.json
Created Jan 5, 2014
gulp package.json
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"name": "project-tools"
, "version": "0.0.1-dev"
, "private": true
, "devDependencies": {
"gulp": "*",
"gulp-myth": "*"
enyo /
Created Jul 3, 2013
Print changelog to use for Github releases. (Goes through all commits, and shows the one with a #changelog hashtag)
#echo git log $1...$2 --pretty=format:'<li> <a href="<project>/commit/%H">view commit &bull;</a> %s</li> ' --reverse | grep "#changelog"
firstTag=$(git tag | tail -2 | head -1)
secondTag=$(git tag | tail -1)
cmd=$(basename $0)
if [ "$1" == "-h" ]
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