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@epcim epcim/
Created Mar 29, 2019

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kubernetes k8s kubectl
# p cmd pritns pods in cluster &&
# store Kubernetes pod name & namespace to env variable
[[ -z $ZSH_NAME ]] || setopt SH_WORD_SPLIT
function p() {
eval $(kubectl get po --all-namespaces -L app -o wide | tee /dev/stderr|awk '{gsub(/.*-/,"",$8);gsub(/-/,"",$10);printf "%s%s=\x27-n %s %s\x27\n", $10,$8, $1, $2}'|grep -v "^=");
k logs $fluentbit1
k describe po $fluentd2
## Where to improve
# depend on having Label set (app, in this case), but can be easily tweeked to use any other pattern
# $8 expect's nodes has name ending xyz-N (where -N is the index number), change to use real pod index number
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