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Monaco for vim-powerline


Just download and put into your ~/.fonts dir and run fc-cache -vf

If you're using urxvt add something like this to your ~/.Xresources or ~/.Xdefaults:

URxvt*font:                 xft:Monaco for Powerline:regular:size=8
URxvt*imFont:               xft:Monaco for Powerline:regular:size=8
URxvt*boldFont:             xft:Monaco for Powerline:bold:size=8
URxvt*italicFont:           xft:Monaco for Powerline:italic:size=8
URxvt*boldItalicFont:       xft:Monaco for Powerline:bold:italic:size=8

Make sure to run xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources afterwards and close all urxvt terminals.

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AdrienLemaire commented Feb 11, 2012

Thank you !!! Tried tons of things, and that finally worked for me.

I'm not an expert with fonts, but I have a slow terminal due to heavy zsh/tmux/vim confs, and one way to make that faster would be to disable xft. I can't run urxvt if I just drop out the "xft:" part of your lines, do you have an idea how to do that ?

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AdrienLemaire commented Feb 11, 2012

hmm also this patched font contains very few characters :( It messed up my zsh theme, because all those characters aren't handled by your font. Don't really know what to do now

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AdrienLemaire commented Feb 11, 2012

Ok I finally changed font (Menlo for Powerline found here:, which contains a lot more chars, making my vim and zsh looking fine. Your procedure is great, it would be nice for next urxvt users to have it included in vim-powerline doc or wiki

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tlhunter commented May 11, 2012

:set guifont=Monaco\ for\ Powerline:h12

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amiroff commented Nov 1, 2012

Finally, a Monaco font that works under Linux at any size. Thank you!

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noah commented Nov 17, 2012


Finally, a Monaco font that works under Linux at any size. Thank you!


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nashamri commented Dec 13, 2012

I get 404? what's wrong?

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extrilldi commented Dec 16, 2012

Unless there is something wrong with Konsole, Yakuake, and Gvim, there is something wrong with the character 'f'.
It causes something like a ligature (for example, typing 'fi', makes it look exactly like the picture in
It is the only problem I've encountered.

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fradeve commented Feb 20, 2013

after hours spent to try tmux-powerline's and vim-powerline's patched fonts on xterm, installing urxvt and following you tips worked flawlessly, thank you :)

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nikeasyanzi commented Apr 11, 2013

I use win7 and gvim7.3. I can install this patched font. However, I cannot switch to this font! Why?

original monaco font is workable. does this patch font only use under Linux? any one can help?

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jck commented Dec 28, 2013

This font doesn't work with the current version of powerline, since the code points changed in march.

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pacuna commented Apr 29, 2014

thanks! works fine on Manjaro using lightline

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ymjing commented Jan 25, 2015

A monaco font that works under both Windows and OSX.

Anyone can help test it under Linux?

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morganprecision commented Feb 5, 2015

@kevinis: I installed that font today in Xubuntu 14.10 -- it's working well

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pedrorvidal commented Sep 10, 2015

I got some issues, the airline symbols are missing, how can I solve this?


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AdeshAtole commented Jan 6, 2016

After hours of searching found this font, which worked with gedit and sublime....Awesome....

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deathmaz commented Jan 19, 2016

Thank you very much!!!

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dinhtungdu commented Jan 26, 2016

Perfect! So beautiful on OSX at 12pt.

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ardian commented Oct 31, 2016

If this doesn't work for anyone, I got this working on linux

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liul85 commented Mar 25, 2017

nice, works perfect for me in terminal!!!

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darknightush commented Aug 26, 2021

Thanks! It is working finally on my ubuntu!

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epegzz commented Aug 26, 2021

Thanks! It is working finally on my ubuntu!

Haha, nice! And it only took 10 years 🤣

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lemondog commented Apr 16, 2022

that's cool

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