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Created Dec 5, 2018
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# The filename (relative to data-dir) to create a unix socket for HTTP RPC; set blank to disable. (eosio::http_plugin)
unix-socket-path = keosd.sock
# The local IP and port to listen for incoming http connections; leave blank to disable. (eosio::http_plugin)
http-server-address =
# The local IP and port to listen for incoming https connections; leave blank to disable. (eosio::http_plugin)
# https-server-address =
# Filename with the certificate chain to present on https connections. PEM format. Required for https. (eosio::http_plugin)
# https-certificate-chain-file =
# Filename with https private key in PEM format. Required for https (eosio::http_plugin)
# https-private-key-file =
# Specify the Access-Control-Allow-Origin to be returned on each request. (eosio::http_plugin)
# access-control-allow-origin =
# Specify the Access-Control-Allow-Headers to be returned on each request. (eosio::http_plugin)
# access-control-allow-headers =
# Specify the Access-Control-Max-Age to be returned on each request. (eosio::http_plugin)
# access-control-max-age =
# Specify if Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true should be returned on each request. (eosio::http_plugin)
access-control-allow-credentials = false
# The maximum body size in bytes allowed for incoming RPC requests (eosio::http_plugin)
max-body-size = 1048576
# Append the error log to HTTP responses (eosio::http_plugin)
verbose-http-errors = false
# If set to false, then any incoming "Host" header is considered valid (eosio::http_plugin)
http-validate-host = 1
# Additionaly acceptable values for the "Host" header of incoming HTTP requests, can be specified multiple times. Includes http/s_server_address by default. (eosio::http_plugin)
# http-alias =
# The path of the wallet files (absolute path or relative to application data dir) (eosio::wallet_plugin)
wallet-dir = "/home/max/eos_autotest/wallet_autotest/eosio_wallet/"
# Timeout for unlocked wallet in seconds (default 900 (15 minutes)). Wallets will automatically lock after specified number of seconds of inactivity. Activity is defined as any wallet command e.g. list-wallets. (eosio::wallet_plugin)
unlock-timeout = 900
# Override default URL of http://localhost:12345 for connecting to yubihsm-connector (eosio::wallet_plugin)
# yubihsm-url =
# Enables YubiHSM support using given Authkey (eosio::wallet_plugin)
# yubihsm-authkey =
# Plugin(s) to enable, may be specified multiple times
# plugin =
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