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epyonavenger /
Created February 10, 2024 04:55
Making Darkstone Work In Windows 10/11.

How To Make Darkstone Work In Windows 10/11

These instructions worked on Windows 10/11 at the time this gist was written, on both AMD and nVidia, but that may have changed since. If it's not working for you, I may be able to help, but no promises.

Generalized Steps

  1. Download from Steam. (GOG also works, but the launch option bits would be different.)
  2. Right-click in Steam, go to "Properties", then under "Launch Options" put: -nocolorkey -sortbyz -nointro -32bit and then close properties.
  3. Download dgVoodoo2 latest release (currently:
  4. Unzip dgVoodoo2 somewhere and navigate to that folder.
  5. Inside the dgVoodoo2 folder, copy dgVoodooCpl.exe, dgVoodoo.conf, and everything from MS\x86 into the Darkstone folder. (You can get to the Darkstone folder by right-clicking in Steam, going to Manage -> Browse Local Files.)

Enabling BBR On Arch Linux 6.5.5+

Become Root
  • sudo su
Set Up sysctl Config File
  • echo "net.core.default_qdisc=fq_codel" >> /etc/sysctl.d/bbr.conf
  • echo "net.ipv4.tcp_congestion_control=bbr" >> /etc/sysctl.d/bbr.conf
Load Module

Arch Linux BIOS Install Guide

  • Boot from ISO

  • gdisk /dev/sda

    • (n)
    • (enter)
    • (enter)
    • (+2G)
  • (enter)

Arch Linux EFI Install Guide

  • Boot from ISO

  • gdisk /dev/sda

    • (n)
    • (enter)
    • (enter)
    • (+512M)
  • EF00