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Last active Aug 1, 2022
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A script to count relevant characters in a class of conference paper pdfs
# run as `python <pdf file name>`
A script to count relevant characters in a class of conference paper pdfs
This script assumes the pdf is generated with LaTeX from a conference
template that includes the introduction as the first numbered section
and a reference list generated using Bib(La)TeX.
(Papers from UAI 2021 for example typically satisfy these criteria.)
It returns the characters counted for pages starting from the one with
the introduction and ending with the last page before the first reference
entry, and the total character count over all pages.
Pages with atypically low number of characters may correspond to those
with a relatively large fraction of graphical content. Pages with
atypically high number of characters may indicate text extraction errors
(PyPDF2 does a decent job, but is not perfect).
import PyPDF2
import sys
import re
pdf = PyPDF2.PdfReader(sys.argv[-1]) # argv[-1] should be <pdf file name>
intro_destination = pdf.named_destinations["section.1"]
page_to_start_counting = pdf.get_destination_page_number(intro_destination)
for name in pdf.named_destinations:
if name.startswith("cite"):
first_ref_destination = pdf.named_destinations[name]
page_to_end_counting = pdf.get_destination_page_number(first_ref_destination)
total_characters = 0
for k in range(page_to_start_counting, page_to_end_counting):
text = pdf.pages[k].extract_text()
# print(text) # useful for investigating text extraction quality
characters = len(
# remove whitespace from string of characters
re.sub(r"\s+", "", text, flags=re.UNICODE)
print(f"page {k+1}: {characters}")
total_characters += characters
print(f"all counted pages: {total_characters}")
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