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equalsraf /
Last active May 20, 2020
Neovim in Cygwin

TLDR; no, libuv doesn't work in Cygwin just yet, see at the bottom.


I tested using the master branch (9d3449852bd35c9283948186d0259c1bf73b8579 or later)

I installed the following in the cygwin setup

  • gcc-c++ make cmake pkg-config libtool
equalsraf / gist:4685f7aef022a36c26d5
Last active Nov 15, 2017
Building Neovim with MSVC 2015
View gist:4685f7aef022a36c26d5

Check the pull request for the changes and the main issue for discussion. If you run into trouble check the Known Errors section at the end, or drop me a comment.


  • MSVC 2015, cl should report > 19.*
  • Python 2 (required by libuv to get gyp) - python 3 will not work, see the issue
  • Git (required by libuv to get gyp)
  • libintl
  • You might need the Windows 10 SDK to be installed (unverified, please drop me a comment in #810, specially if you are in Windows8 or lower.)
View gist:c52c2261ff3671ccbd32

Before you start you need a Mingw-w64 toolchain for Linux, try installing the mingw-w64 package (Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora?) or get it from the Mingw-w64 website.

Build dependencies

$ mkdir deps-mingw
$ cd deps-mingw
$ cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../cmake/mingw32-w64-cross-travis.toolchain.cmake ../third-party/
$ make
$ cd ..