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Last active Jan 8, 2020
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Go Example: Google CloudSQL with CloudSQL Proxy and GORM
package main
import (
_ "database/sql"
_ ""
// You can read more in this post:
func main() {
// Using cloudsql-proxy will help you avoid white listing IPs and handling SSL.
// In this case, it will also run inside your Go program and will not require
// an additional process or container.
// Connection String details:
// * user - the user created inside the DB. You can see more details on how to create it without password here:
// * project-id - your project id
// * zone - your general zone (us-central1/us-west1/etc)
// * db-name - the name of the database instance as it appears in the console
var dbConnectionString = "user@cloudsql(project-id:zone:instance-name)/db-name?charset=utf8&parseTime=True&loc=UTC"
var db *gorm.DB
var err error
if db, err = gorm.Open("mysql", dbConnectionString); err != nil {
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