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Created September 30, 2021 17:03
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command = ARGV
start = Process.clock_gettime Process::CLOCK_MONOTONIC, :millisecond
IO.popen(command, err: [:child, :out]) do |io|
while line = io.gets
now = Process.clock_gettime Process::CLOCK_MONOTONIC, :millisecond
puts "[#{"%5d" % (now - start)}] #{line}"
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eregon commented Sep 30, 2021


$ ruby time_output.rb ruby -e 'STDOUT.sync = true; sleep 0.1; STDOUT.puts "out"; sleep 0.1; STDERR.puts "err"'
[  134] out
[  234] err

Note the needed STDOUT.sync = true (or STDOUT.flush), otherwise STDOUT might be block-buffered since it's not a TTY (but a pipe).
This is currently not needed on TruffleRuby as there is no write buffering (only read buffering).

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