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Erfan Abdi erfanoabdi

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denji / aml-upgrade-package-extract.c
Last active Jul 13, 2022
Utility to extract AMLogic "USB Burning Tool" .IMG firmware for Linux
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// gcc aml-upgrade-package-extract.c -o aml-upgrade-package-extract
// ./aml-upgrade-package-extract update-usb-burning-mode.img
// /dev/sdX - fat32 sdcard
// Make bootable Android update:
// dd if=aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT bs=1 count=442 of=/dev/sdX
// dd if=aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT seek=1 skip=1 bs=512 of=/dev/sdX
// sync
lucasdavila / fixup.txt
Last active Apr 4, 2020
Fixing mac os yosemite issue "bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable"
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# see the current limits
$ sysctl -a | grep maxproc
# increase it
$ sudo sysctl -w kern.maxproc=xxxx
$ sudo sysctl -w kern.maxprocperuid=xxx
# run at startup
$ sudo vim /etc/sysctl.conf