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Future timeout support
import akka.util.{Duration, NonFatal}
import akka.dispatch.{Promise, ExecutionContext, Future}
// Copied from Akka 2.1-M1
trait FutureTimeoutSupport {
* Returns a [[akka.dispatch.Future]] that will be completed with the success or failure of the provided value
* after the specified duration.
def after[T](duration: Duration, using: Scheduler)(value: Future[T])(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): Future[T] =
if (duration.isFinite() && duration.length < 1) {
try value catch { case NonFatal(t) Promise.failed(t).future }
} else {
val p = Promise[T]()
using.scheduleOnce(duration) { p completeWith { try value catch { case NonFatal(t) Promise.failed(t).future } } }
def timeoutAfter[T](duration: Duration, using: Scheduler)(timedOutFuture: => Future[T], value: Future[T])
(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): Future[T] = {
Future.firstCompletedOf(Seq(after(duration, using)(timedOutFuture), value))
// Example usage
val processFuture = Future(ProcessedTask(workSender, request, process(workSender, request)))
val timeoutFuture = Promise.successful(TaskTimedOut(workSender, request))
// Send either a TaskTimedOut or a ProcessedTask message to self, whichever completes first
timeoutAfter(Duration(taskTimeoutMs, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS), context.system.scheduler)(timeoutFuture, processFuture) pipeTo self
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