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Last active Aug 7, 2017
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# managed by puppet
- eyaml
- yaml
:logger: console
- "nodes/%{::clientcert}"
- "%{::team}/%{::app}/%{::pp_role}"
- "%{::team}/%{::app}/%{::app_productline}%{::app_chain}"
- "%{::team}/%{::app}/%{::app_chain}.chain"
- "%{::team}/%{::app}/%{::app_productline}"
- "%{::team}/%{::app}/%{::region}"
- "%{::team}/%{::app}/defaults"
- "%{::team}/%{::region}"
- "%{::team}/defaults"
- "region/%{::region}"
- defaults
:datadir: /etc/puppet/environments/%{::environment}/hieradata
:datadir: /etc/puppet/environments/%{::environment}/hieradata
:extension: yaml
:pkcs7_private_key: /etc/puppet/keys/private_key.pkcs7.pem
:pkcs7_public_key: /etc/puppet/keys/public_key.pkcs7.pem
:merge_behavior: deeper
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ericbisme commented Mar 14, 2017

hiera.yaml as of 20170314. Currently we have the proto-structure to separate applications, but the meat of it is not in place. All apps will see all variables as-is. Having real separation between apps is on our list.

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ericbisme commented Aug 4, 2017

Updated to latest since linked me :-). Thanks guys!

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iversond commented Aug 7, 2017


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