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Render the dependency graph for your conda environment (needs graphviz!)
import json
import glob
import os
from os.path import join, basename
# install this with "conda install -c conda-forge python-graphviz"
import graphviz as gv
# path to your conda environment
path = os.environ.get('CONDA_PREFIX')
if path is None:
print("Not in a conda environment, activate a conda env or set CONDA_PREFIX to the conda env you want to render before calling this script")
dg = gv.Digraph(filename='env-%s' % basename(path), format='svg')
for json_file in glob.glob(join(path, 'conda-meta', '*.json')):
print('reading', json_file)
j = json.load(open(json_file))
for dep in j.get('depends', []):
dg.edge(j['name'], dep.split(' ')[0])
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msarahan commented Apr 6, 2018

expanded example that uses repodata.json instead of json in packages:

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