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Parse a PGN w/ Vim Regex

Parse A PGN With Vim Regex

Copy only the moves part of a PGN, including the game result into Vim:

1. e4 {[%clk 0:02:59.9]} 1... e5 {[%clk 0:02:55.1]} 2. Nf3 {[%clk 0:02:58.7]}
2... Nc6 {[%clk 0:02:53.6]} 3. Bb5 {[%clk 0:02:57.1]} 3... a6 {[%clk 0:02:51.3]}
                ... // SNIP // ...
0:00:04.4]} 49. Kf4 {[%clk 0:00:01.3]} 49... g5+ {[%clk 0:00:03.9]} 50. Kf5
{[%clk 0:00:00.4]} 50... Bd3+ {[%clk 0:00:03.4]} 0-1

Get Rid Of Newlines in the Pasted PGN

So we can modfiy the whole PGN as one line

:1,36 s/\n//g

Capture Only The Move Number + White's Move + Black's Move and Game Result

Note that the ^M's below are Vim Newlines; generate with + Enter

:%s/\v%(\s?(\d+\.)\s?(\w+\+?\-?\w?)\s?\{[^}]*\}\s?\d+\.{3}\s?(\w+\-?\w?\+?)|(\d+\.)\s(\w+\+?))\s?\{[^}]*\}\s?(\d\-\d)?/\1 \2 \3 ^M\4 \5 ^M\6/g

Get Rid of Blank Lines Followed By Newlines

Extra blank lines and newlines result from the backrefernce pasting above, but this seems to be the cleanest way to clean them up



End up with only the move numbers, white and blacks move per turn, and the game result, all on their own lines

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