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Essential JavaScript Links
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victor-dev commented Apr 25, 2017

Why the Essential JavaScript Links List was 404 ?

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ryanmortier commented May 8, 2017

404ing :(

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emilioriosvz commented Jun 12, 2017

404 :(

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Mashpy commented Jul 19, 2017

Thanks for your listing. If anyone would like to read JavaScript books, here you will find best javascript books for beginners.

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dwiyatci commented Nov 3, 2017

@ericelliott Everybody around the world is crying to know where does the repo go.. 😭 😭 😭

Guys, perhaps we can use this in the meantime?

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joeydebreuk commented Oct 23, 2020

Isomorphic JavaScript url doesn't exist.

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ericelliott commented Oct 26, 2020

I no longer mantain this list. There are lots of other very comprehensive JavaScript link lists out there. Please see those, instead (Google "awesome JavaScript" for a start).

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