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Created October 16, 2010 06:30
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jQuery templates use constructs like:
{{if condition}} print something{{/if}}
This, of course, completely screws up Django templates,
because Django thinks {{ and }} mean something.
Wrap {% verbatim %} and {% endverbatim %} around those
blocks of jQuery templates and this will try its best
to output the contents with no changes.
from django import template
register = template.Library()
class VerbatimNode(template.Node):
def __init__(self, text):
self.text = text
def render(self, context):
return self.text
def verbatim(parser, token):
text = []
while 1:
token = parser.tokens.pop(0)
if token.contents == 'endverbatim':
if token.token_type == template.TOKEN_VAR:
elif token.token_type == template.TOKEN_BLOCK:
if token.token_type == template.TOKEN_VAR:
elif token.token_type == template.TOKEN_BLOCK:
return VerbatimNode(''.join(text))
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I made a few changes, so it now support new template syntax {%=obj %} and {% cond %}.

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