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Shell script that automates the process of extracting and modifying contents of ESXi ISO for install via PXE boot. See
# esxiso2pxe - quickly extract contents of ESXi ISO image for use on a PXE server
# 17Mar2014 - egray
if [ $# != 3 ]; then
echo "Usage: $0 <tftpboot dir> <new dir name> <ESXi ISO file>" >&2
exit 1
tmpesxi=`mktemp -d`
if [ ! -d $tftpbootdir ]; then echo "Error: $tftpbootdir not found." ; exit 1 ; fi
if [ -d $tftpbootdir/$newdir ]; then echo "Error: $tftpbootdir/$newdir already exists!" ; exit 1 ; fi
if [ ! -r $newiso ]; then echo "Error: $newiso not found or not readable!" ; exit 1 ; fi
mkdir -v $tftpbootdir/$newdir
mount -o loop $newiso $tmpesxi/
rsync -av $tmpesxi/ $tftpbootdir/$newdir/
sync && umount $tmpesxi && rmdir -v $tmpesxi
chmod +w $tftpbootdir/$newdir/*
sed -e "s#/##g" -e "3s#^#prefix=/$newdir/\n#" -i.bak $tftpbootdir/$newdir/boot.cfg
echo "Use the following for PXE menu:"
cat <<HERE | tee -a $tftpbootdir/esxi-submenu
LABEL $newdir
KERNEL /$newdir/mboot.c32
APPEND -c /$newdir/boot.cfg
MENU LABEL ESXi $newdir - `basename $newiso` `date +%D`
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