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Created February 8, 2013 15:49
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WordPress Options Class
class My_Plugin_Options {
var $options;
var $option_name;
var $is_site_option; // Are we using Multisite and saving to global options?
function My_Plugin_Options($option_name, $is_site_options = false){
$this->option_name = $option_name;
$this->is_site_option = $is_site_options;
$this->options = get_site_option($this->option_name);
} else {
$this->options = get_option($this->option_name);
$this->options = array();
function __get($key){
return $this->options[$key];
function __set($key, $value){
$this->options[$key] = $value;
function __isset($key){
return array_key_exists($key, $this->options);
function save(){
update_site_option($this->option_name, $this->options);
} else {
update_option($this->option_name, $this->options);
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