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React Native Kotlin extension functions for creating WritableMap and WritableArray #android #react-native #kotlin
import com.facebook.react.bridge.Arguments
import com.facebook.react.bridge.WritableArray
import com.facebook.react.bridge.WritableMap
fun writableMapOf(vararg values: Pair<String, *>): WritableMap {
val map = Arguments.createMap()
for ((key, value) in values) {
when (value) {
null -> map.putNull(key)
is Boolean -> map.putBoolean(key, value)
is Double -> map.putDouble(key, value)
is Int -> map.putInt(key, value)
is String -> map.putString(key, value)
is WritableMap -> map.putMap(key, value)
is WritableArray -> map.putArray(key, value)
else -> throw IllegalArgumentException("Unsupported value type ${} for key [$key]")
return map
fun writableArrayOf(vararg values: Any?): WritableArray {
val array = Arguments.createArray()
for (value in values) {
when (value) {
null -> array.pushNull()
is Boolean -> array.pushBoolean(value)
is Double -> array.pushDouble(value)
is Int -> array.pushInt(value)
is String -> array.pushString(value)
is WritableArray -> array.pushArray(value)
is WritableMap -> array.pushMap(value)
else -> throw IllegalArgumentException("Unsupported type ${}")
return array
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