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Browser Extension code to intercept top-level navigations directly to audio/video files and instead navigate to a playback page that allows the user to play the response inside the browser itself.
// Note, you need to update the "permissions" section of your manifest.json
// to contain ["webRequest", "webRequestBlocking"]
// Watch for top-frame navigations directly to media files. If found, instead navigate to a player page.
function(details) {
// We don't care about redirects or error responses.
if (details.statusCode !== 200) return;
// Skip navigations that aren't to Audio/Video
let sCT = extractContentType(details.responseHeaders).toLowerCase();
if (!(sCT.startsWith("audio/") || sCT.startsWith("video/") || (sCT.startsWith("application/ogg")))) return;
// Redirect to a player page.
return {
redirectUrl: ("" + encodeURIComponent(sCT) + "&u=" + encodeURIComponent(details.url))
{urls:["<all_urls>"], types:["main_frame"] },
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