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Language Designator, Script Designator, Region Designator, Language ID, Locale ID all explained with examples.

Language Designator ISO 639-1

  • Specifies a language
  • 2-letters, lowercase
  • Ex:
en          English         
tr          Turkish         
ko          Korean

Script Designator ISO 15924

  • Specifies a writing system
  • 4-letters, first letter uppercase last three lowercase
  • Ex:
Latn        Latin       
Cyrl        Cyrillic    
Arab        Arabic

Region Designator ISO 3166-1

  • Specifies a country / territory / region
  • 2-letters, uppercase
  • Ex:
JP          Japan           
DE          Germany         
RU          Russian Federation

Language Tag RFC 5646

  • Specifies a language or a dialect of a language used in a country / territory / region, or a writing system of a language
  • In following formats:
 [Language Designator]                                              a language
 [Language Designator]-[Region Designator]                          a dialect of a language
 [Language Designator]-[Script Designator]                          a script of a language
 [Language Designator]-[Script Designator]-[Region Designator]      a script of a dialect of a language
  • Ex:
 hu               Hungarian
 fr-CA            Canadian French
 es-MX            Mexican Spanish
 de-CH            Swiss German
 it-CH            Swiss Italian
 az-Cyrl          Azerbaijani in Cyrillic script
 az-Latn          Azerbaijani in Latin script
 sr-Latn-RS       Serbian Serbian in Latin script 
 sr-Latn-BA       Bosnian Serbian in Latin script 

Locale ID Apple Convention

  • Specifies a pair: a language and a region's format conventions like date-time, number and currency
  • Not to be confused with POSIX Locale Identifier - ISO/IEC 15897
  • In following formats:
 [Language Designator]_[Region Designator]                          language and regional preference of user
 [Language Designator]-[Script Designator]_[Region Designator]      a script of a language and regional preference of user
  • Ex:
en_TR           English language with Turkey's format conventions
jp_US           Japanese language with United States of America's format conventions
zh-Hans_HK      Chinese in Simplified Script with Hong Kong's format conventions
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