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Forked from ErnestasJa/Dwm default keys cheatsheet
Last active September 27, 2023 04:10
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[Shift]+[Mod]+[Enter] - launch terminal.
[Mod]+[b] - show/hide bar.
[Mod]+[p] - dmenu for running programs like the x-www-browser.
[Mod]+[Enter] - push acive window from stack to master, or pulls last used window from stack onto master.
[Mod] + [j / k] - focus on next/previous window in current tag.
[Mod] + [h / l] - increases / decreases master size.
[Mod]+[2] - moves your focus to tag 2.
[Shift]+[Mod]+[2] - move active window to the 2 tag.
[Mod] + [i / d] - increases / decreases number of windows on master
[Mod] + [, / .] - move focus between screens (multi monitor setup)
[Shift]+[Mod]+[, / .] - move active window to different screen.
[Mod]+[0] - view all windows on screen.
[Shift]+[Mod]+[0] - make focused window appear on all tags.
[Shift]+[Mod]+[c] - kill active window.
[Shift]+[Mod]+[q] - quit dwm cleanly.
[Mod]+[t] - tiled mode. []=
[Mod]+[f] - floating mode. ><>
[Mod]+[m] - monocle mode. [M] (single window fullscreen)
[Mod]+[R M B] - to resize the floating window.
[Mod]+[L M B] - to move the floating window around.
[Mod]+[Space] - toggles to the previous layout mode.
[Mod]+[Shift]+[Space] - to make an individual window float.
[Mod]+[M M B] - to make an individual window un-float.
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5k3lly commented Jan 21, 2020

On mine [Mod]+[Space] toggles previous layout mode.

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On mine [Mod]+[Space] toggles previous layout mode.

Same here

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oh, snap. will update that now

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Joilnen commented Mar 1, 2021

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[Mod]+[Shift]+[Enter] opens a terminal as default

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[R M B] = Right Mouse Button

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[Mod] + [Tab] - switch to previously viewed tag

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